Time passes, feelings don’t

wordRemember those times in high school when everybody was just busy falling in love? Senior year, it is. That one hell of a year where you thought ‘Oh, I’m going to college, why not make the most out of high school. I’m going to leave this institution anyway.’ Like it was easy to forget everything that comes after until that boy you never realized would take a big part of your life torn you apart.

Maybe we weren’t supposed to last that long but we were definitely meant to be at the moment. We’ve both grown into people we never thought we could be. We got along together, had the same taste in music, adored the same individuals we’ve ever known and really had so many things in common that we were so sure of each other. Or at least I was sure of you.

Maybe I wasn’t just prepared for things between us to fall apart. It didn’t occur to me that one of us had to leave soon for not being ready yet. I knew how young we were but I was certain that we knew exactly what we gotten into and that’s how I felt you were sure of me. Yes, you didn’t give me flowers or chocolates. Yes, you didn’t serenade me with my favorite songs. Yes, you didn’t do any typical guy would.

But you made me feel emotions I never thought I would even feel. I knew what it felt like being loved and in love, to run out of things to say just because what I had for you can’t be described by any existing words in the English language, to appreciate how beautiful it was just to have a meaningful conversation with someone trying to know them better.

Maybe those were the little things I liked about you. Maybe I haven’t seen myself moving on from you yet because who does forget their first love easily.


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