She has aced all her college entrance exam

A witty girl full of knowledge and enthusiasm

She’s as rare as a four leaf clover

And as vibrant as an attractive sunflower


An introverted girl in a world full of loud people

Her pretentious friends relentlessly make her throttle

Her mind is filled with thoughts she can’t handle

Her feelings are as rampant as a burning candle


She’s innocent like a new born baby

Her heart could only love you like crazy

I’ll admit she’s one of the kindest teenage girls

But jealousy oblige me to write something I can’t resist


My comparisons may not be as good as it seems

I may not know her mad obsessions and dreams

But this ex lover of mine might fall for her, I bet

And my heart could only handle the amount of hurt it would get


(Poem written in 2014)


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