Welcome to Storybrooke

Disclaimer: Photo not mine

Disclaimer: Photo not mine

Princes, fairy godmothers, castles, gowns, wishes, princesses, crowns and spells. I guess every girl in this world once dreamt of having her own happily ever after. It’s kind of silly too, thinking it is much better having to live in fairytale than having to endure the bitter taste of reality; everything life has to offer. But I always thought I was right and as much as I’d like to be the kind of girl who doesn’t live in her stories, no one has ever stopped me yet from believing that I was once a character from a story book; that book that’s been reminding you of how innocent and naive you were back then, that book you keep on telling every stranger you meet, that same book that has never stopped making you believe that even after all the wickedness in this world, there will always be something good to look upon. But I guess no one has noticed it yet, no one has realized thus far that I am playing one of the characters in maybe, one of their favorite books they’re reading.


I am Snow White, I’ve been cheated, doubted and betrayed by people whom I never expected, by people whom I’ve always trusted.

rumpelstiltskin I am Rumplestiltskin, though coward as I may seem to others, I have only wanted to protect the people whom I’ve always loved.

I am Belle, I never stopped believing in true love. Even if love’s the most dangerous disease, love’s also the best cure for everything.


I am Pinocchio, people would expect me to be honest, selfless and good all the time without them realizing that I’m just like them, a normal person who makes mistakes without the intention of doing it. People were forgetting that I’m not the same wooden boy anymore.


I am Regina, despite of people seeing me as the ghastliest character alive in the story; they will never appreciate the good side I have in me as they will never know my past, they will never recognize how weak I was before, how worthless and powerless this helpless woman once was. I keep on pointing fingers to other people because I can’t take the blame myself. But everything had to change, I had to be strong, I had to stand up for myself.


I am Emma, people were calling for my help when I couldn’t even save myself.

I am every character in a story book who happens to got stuck in this very appalling and cruel world of humans. And if one thing’s true, it’s that the most horrible place to live in right now is reality; everybody wants to escape from it. And here is where my story begins.


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