Watching: the night sky, appreciating the street lights and the sheer amazingness of it all (wow) while on the road

Listening: to an audio book about law on obligations and contracts (seriously this is happening right now) for I have 20 more articles to memorize

Reading: posts of Berlin Art-parasites and The Artidote

Wanting: a new book to read, planning to buy a new one before 2015 ends

Thinking: about that one person I shouldn’t be thinking at all

Enjoying: this moment with my family because we’re going to celebrate my brother’s 13th birthday here in Laguna

Feeling: Happy as I can be but feeling disappointed at the same time because my parents don’t realize how sentimental I was about things (ugh, this is a different story but let’s just focus on my brother’s birthday so I won’t be selfish again)


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