Not Even A Legendary One


Barney: Hey

Robin: Hey, Barney, what’s up? I thought you were um, going on some big date?

Barney: Robin. I know you’re upset.

Robin: What? No! I-I’ve never been happier! A-and this Anita is lovely! I’m so glad that you two just randomly.. happened to.. find each other. It just warms my fricken’ heart.

Robin fires her gun until she runs out of bullets, and then throws the gun at the target.

Barney: So you sure you’re not upset?

Robin: Of COURSE I’m upset, Barney! Don’t you see how constantly talking about your conquests makes me feel like I’m just another number to you?

Barney: But you’re not just another number to me!

Robin: A-and now, you’re taking Anita- who you barely know- on this amazing date, when I never got treated  that way… It just… It just sucks, that’s all. It just sucks.

Barney: …Wow. I knew I was bad at being a boyfriend but I had no idea I’d be so much worse at being an ex-boyfriend… I’m sorry… What can I do to make it up to you?

Robin: Nothing, Barney. You’ve already proven that I’m not important to you.

Barney: Stop that! Seriously! Ask me for anything.

Robin: Uh, okay, umm… Don’t sleep with Anita.

Barney: Done.

Robin: Barney, of course you’re going to sleep with her [Barney shakes his head], why else would you be taking her on this “super date”?

Barney: She’s not going on the super date, Robin. You are.

How I Met Your Mother 5.17 “Of Course”



When you’ve already painted a picture in your head that it would be him you’re ending up with. Not that you’re thinking he’s the one but you just have that thought that there’s a  much greater chance or maybe you were just hoping that it’s him. Though it was impossible too ’cause you never even felt like he’s put so much effort on you.


So the thought of him finding a new love’s just harder to explain. You don’t know what you’re going to feel, how you’re going to react, how you’re going to take the situation.

It sucks to be Robin Scherbatsky right now.


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