Currently 04


Watching: Once Upon A Time and Game of Thrones (currently having a marathon of tv series because holidays’ coming)

Listening: to Purpose by Justin Bieber and Revival by Selena Gomez (errr)

Reading: Financial Accounting Part 2 (huhu)

Wanting: to buy a 2016 planner, get filed’s scribble planner to be specific. I’ve been a fan of their planners ever since I’ve known them.

Thinking: of (seriously) about the upcoming midterm departmental exams. So close to midterms when I thought I haven’t learned a thing yet.

Enjoying: the 2015 Quezon City Food Festival awhile ago at Maginhawa Street! My best friend and I ate at RBy’s Steak and Shake. So we had only an ample amount of time to eat that’s why we get to try only one restaurant at Maginhawa. Hoping to try other bistro places at Maginhawa some other time!

Feeling: Happy and Satisfied that I accomplished a life goal (lol)


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