An Open Letter To My 15-Year-Old Self

Hello…it’s me..I was wondering if… just kidding. I know you’re anxiously reading this letter thinking about who wrote it. Surprisingly, it’s from me! I mean you, whatever, three years into the future! You’re currently a sophomore student and I’m telling you, you may never got the opportunity to study at your top choice college because you failed to pass the only shot you thought you had during those times, it’s all okay now because I believe you’ll get to embrace your best chance someday.

I know how high school has made you a better person you are today. Even if you’re still carrying all the baggages and distress that should have been left two years ago, it made me realize how it was hard for you to let things go. And now I want you to know the good thing that everything is temporary; your pain, your anxieties, your worries, your discomforts, it will all go away.

I am not writing this to you to say that everything will be fine in an instant. But I want you to see the beauty of waiting; waiting for the perfect time. Because it’s true, there’s always time for everything. There’s no need to rush especially if you’re life has already planned by the One who’s bigger than your ambitions. You believe that, don’t you? Have faith. Always have faith.

We all have our own tragedies, lost love being the worst. You may failed in relationships and friendships, too. But this doesn’t mean there’s a need to blame yourself or even other people. Just accept the fact that people do come and go. Maybe no one has intended to hurt you but it’s better that way. You needed to feel hurt. It’s the best way to wake up your senses and finally realize that you can do more, you can be a better version of yourself. Don’t become hesitant when it comes to Love. It will find you, I promise it will.

So I guess I’m ending this letter for now. I may never said all the things I wish you knew by now, I’m hoping that you’ll learn them whether it may be on your own or through other’s mistakes. Whichever way, I know you’ll grow up into a much better person than you are now. Never stop dreaming, self. And remember, you only have yourself to count on when everything falls apart.


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