My Only Memory

He was looking at me, No, he was staring at me
I wanted to look back and hope he would not see
As I arrange my dress and fix my hair properly
I can still get intimidated with this boy’s perfect beauty

The camp has started as the games began
I heard this was exciting, I heard it was going to be fun
And I guess that was true because I was with this boy of mine
I only hope it lasted long enough, if I could just stop the time

He looked so wonderful that night I saw him
He shined so bright like no one had ever seen
Maybe for me, he was the perfect guy
His smile never goes out of style, I won’t deny

As the night continues, I was still trying to give it a shot
Because I know for sure we’re going to talk about things, a lot
Like things going on between us, are we or are we not?
But pride got lost along the way and I think the problem was that

He sneaked out at me as I proceed to the cafeteria
It may sound assuming but I suddenly went into hysteria
I wasn’t able to breathe well knowing he was behind me
It’s like my whole world stopped when he looked at me

I was forcing my body to move because I wanted to talk
But my hands were shaking cold and my feet won’t walk
I can feel the urge to speak but I think I’m gonna choke
So I let another chance slipped, I just left and never spoke

I was so dense and stupid trying to get his attention
Thinking that maybe, just maybe, he’ll go to my direction
Never having the urge to talk to him was my biggest regret
Because I was an idiot, a mess, the worst mistake he’ll never forget

(Poem written in 2014)


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