Currently 05

Watching: Ate Carol and Kuya Jay-R’s Wedding. It’s very simple but what matters now is the presence of their family and friends who brought them together here with Him.

Listening: to Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat’s Lucky. Ahhh 💕 I’m lucky I’m in love with my bestfriend…🎵

Reading: a fashion magazine and Kryz Uy’ blog thirstythought. Kryz’s one of the best bloggers who inspired me in so many ways especially in the field of fashion. Yay

Wanting: so many things for holiday season. I badly want to buy Taylor Swift’s 1989 album. Yep, I still don’t have a copy. It’s the only one lacking from my collection. Lol.

Thinking: (1) of when will I have my own happy ending and who will be my happily ever after. Just hopeless, not romantic. (Mayday!) (2) of how to start a blog post about a certain notification I got yesterday on facebook. Seems like I’m celebrating five years of friendship with someone who’s a stranger to me now. The only problem is that I just can’t seem to decipher all the words I want to say through one blog post. So…

Enjoying: my day here at Ibarra’s Garden. So cozy!

Feeling: Romantic eww kidding. I’m so in love right now. I miss the feeling.



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