If that makes me who I am, so be it

Woah there. Found this poem I wrote three years I ago. Words live long enough to be remembered, you know. Look how unstable I was with words back then (up till now, actually lol) It doesn’t make any sense at all, I mean this poem. lol I don’t get it. Haha I was too young that I might have poor choice of words. Forgive me, Grammar Nazis might be throwing up at the moment.

Perfect in my imperfections, forthright of my flaws
Sure of my insecurities, an absolute chaos
Strong in my weaknesses, happy in my pain
Unwearied with my emotions and beautiful in my own way

Been living for fourteen years, been dreaming for forever
Had felt judgment and hatred, so what? I don’t care
Melica Ina Gloria is my name
A simple, friendly and cheerful maiden

A girl full of imagination, a woman who’ll always be a kid at heart
With my families and friends, I don’t want to be apart
They are the reason why I breathe
The reason why I smile and live

And for those who love to judge and dislike
It won’t make you perfect, won’t you stop?
There’s no room meant for you for changing me
I am who I am and will never pretend to be somebody


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