Love Online

This set of generation has contributed a lot of improvement and innovation for the betterment of a nation’s future indeed. Technology being the peak of it all has been really affected by inevitable changes around us. Yes, it made people’s lives easier and more convenient. Yes, it made us more productive and dynamic. It might have been useful one way or another but technology has also its dreadful impossibilities and repercussions that affect every individual’s character and attitude towards others.

I hate how technology ruined the chance of knowing someone better and the sheer excitement and thrill of it all. No offense. Online dating’s becoming a thing now that some are forgetting the purpose and idea of love. And if it’s not meeting online, even so, having a meaningful conversation with someone not knowing if what’s happening between two people really has a meaning especially when feelings begin to intervene. There goes expectation followed by lists of disappointments.

And the worst part was being a victim of this mischievous and selfish scheme. When all is said and done, when the nights you once spent with each other talking through the phone, exchanging emoticons through face book, sending each other dms on twitter, chatting through skype as if the two of you were living from two different parts of the world when you’re only a mile away; the pain and the suffering can’t compare to the anticipation you feel everyday wishing you had the urge to confront him whenever you got the opportunity. You loved him, you knew each other, you had memories together but you never really even met, that’s what happened. But that’s not how you felt about everything because you always thought he was always there, beside you. Even if he never hugged you, you always believed  his arms were wrapped around you or maybe kissed you, but his touch was all you ever longed for. Now, your head’s filled with doubts and regrets you wished would just go away but it never did.


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