Sincerely, 2015


Photo taken by one of my best friends, Renz Fajardo. Courtesy of Ejay Bendo’s Camera LOL 12-31-15

Dear friend,

Today, marks the celebration of new life, new beginnings, new memories, new experiences, lessons, joy and many more. I remembered the first day you told me to be good to you, you even made promises and set goals you wished you could accomplish.

And I’m telling you now that I am proud of what you’ve become.

You’ve grown into a mature person that’s much capable of making more adult decisions and handling tougher situations.

You’re starting to realize how life works and we’ll keep looking for more of it. The ups and downs life has offered you never hindered you to do the things you’ve always wanted. Judgements and criticisms, too, never stopped you from believing that you can do better. You have treasured the little things you’ve shared with the people you love the most and luckily taught you how to be contented with what you have. You’ve successfully claimed yourself in front of people who never trusted your abilities. And despite of that, you chose to be humble and kept your feet on the ground.

I couldn’t say anything more than that you deserve all the happiness and love in the world because you earned it. So stop depriving yourself from being happy because you’re worthy of all these blessings God has to give.

Never stop exploring things even if you think you can’t do them because if you’ll give up soon enough, how will you know? I hope you’ll discover more of yourself. Take care always and see you next time.

Sincerely, 2015


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