First One To Break


You were my one-piece chicken Mcdo and mango peach pie in this “Ma’am, willing to wait po?” world. Fate has its way of telling me to move on and devour myself to spend my yearning days to more important things. A victim of infatuation was I before you met me. I had no idea what love was, when all I had in me was a confused mind and a deceiving heart. Who would’ve thought I’d bumped into someone like you? Our souls were both lost and somehow found each other unknowingly at the most unexpected time. We both enjoyed each other’s company for quite awhile. We were each other’s firsts but probably not each other’s lasts. I can’t express how happy I was with the least moments I’ve had with you. You were the kind of guy I told myself whose worth the catch. I was more than willing to wait for goodness sake no one knows how long just to have you mine. And no, I never knew where it all came from. I just knew I loved you ad I never wanted to stop. I was wrong hoping you’d stay just because you said you’d never leave. I was wrong to ever admit that the bond between us will grow into something much deeper. I was wrong thinking we would last. I thought I already had my first heartbreak with the one I got infatuated before you. But how can I even call it heartbreak when there was no love at all, right? So I guess it was you, you’re the one who first broke my heart. You’re the one that’s causing all this pain. And it did hurt. It still hurts.


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