Dibs On Him


You were my confidant, my soul sister. It’s like we’re siblings who came from different mothers. We were Robin and Lily from How I Met Your Mother or Monica and Rachel from Friends. Our friendship was something worth keeping for life. We liked almost all the same things gal friends could possibly be fond of. We root for the same boy band and fangirl every time we feel like. We fell in love with the characters from our favorite book, both wanting to have their own fairytale between those pages. We had the same taste in music that we both screamed our voices at the top of our lungs every time we would sing our anthem during recess at school. We would call each other ‘twin sisters’ because of the strong bond we had during those times. But there’s just one thing that never crossed my mind, I never thought we’d like the same guy. It was one of my weakest moments in life. I was sad and miserable about him. You were there, I was glad you were there. I shared everything to you, even cried my heart out to you. You told me not to worry because he’s just some guy.

Senior year. Just when I thought I’d have my shot, was the moment I lost it too. You told me you like him and that you’ve been doing everything to avoid these feelings that have been coming up. Even if it made me feel betrayed for one second that felt like months, I knew from that moment how pointless it was to blame you for everything. Because of all people, I should be the first one to celebrate it with you for finally finding the happiness that your family and friends can never give to you. Of course, his would be a different thing, right? I should’ve been proud for the both of you but I wasn’t. Maybe this is an apology letter I owe you two years ago, for not being a friend enough to let go of something that wasn’t even mine to begin with in exchange for my best friend’s happiness. It’s been rough and one hell of an adventure for the both of us. But I am thanking you for being so kind and for remaining truthful despite of me acting that way. Thank you for understanding and thank you for what you did because one way or another, it has lead me to one of the best things that ever happened to me.


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