Sweetest Downfall


Missing you every now and then was probably one of the greatest challenges I’ve yet to conquer so far. It has been a battle between what my heart says and what my mind thinks so. And I’m the one who’s being beaten up every time because neither of them ever wins. It has always been my struggle to feel sad about many things which some are still vague to me. You, being one of them, are the highlight of it all. I can’t seem to find out why, yours was a blur path I can’t even pass through. I would say I’m past this, claiming it even so. But who am I kidding?

Seeing your face, the way you look so happy with me, happens only in my dreams now. Those were the moments you’d wrap your blanket so tight because you’re trying not to feel nostalgic all over again. I always remember you, so don’t you feel bad because I’m so good at remembering I didn’t mind you forgetting me. You made me strong then and now you made me weaker; weaker than I ever was before you met me.


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