Signs You Went To A Science High School

1. People think we’re undoubtedly smart


Woah there!! Thanks for the compliment although that is not entirely true.  Even if we do get a lot of “Uy graduate ka ng Science High School??? Edi matalino ka??” or to make it even shorter “Talino mo naman!” I think it’s an advantage on our part that other people’s first impression towards us includes being smart. It really all depends now on how you consider a person indubitably intelligent. Telling someone that he’s intelligent is subjective to how you consider someone bright. Stop it, you guys!

2. Industrious at all times


Yes, we came from a Science High School but that doesn’t mean we don’t ever feel lazy sometimes. In fact, lazy isn’t even an attitude anymore, it has become who we are (kidding). Of course, we’re normal students like you; we just know our priorities very well and our stand as children to our parents. And please, if we ever show you our side of being productive, don’t expect us to be doing projects or requirements alone when it’s supposed to be by group. (!!!)

3. So studious that we don’t have social life at all, life in general


Some people will describe us as someone who never put his books down. It’s like the minute we wake up in the morning; we’ll have Research for breakfast, Calculus for lunch and Chemistry for dinner. And for the record, we don’t sleep with books under our pillows! Like any students would do, boys of our generation loves to play video/computer games, basketball and alike too. Girls would fangirl over one and the other artists, bands, kpop stars too. JUST LIKE YOU!

4. We can do all things, Hello!!! We’re not God


Every damn time (lol) Every time the teacher will group the class and they’d bump into you, someone who came from a Science High School, they would tell you “Uy magaling ka naman eh, ikaw na lang gumawa. Kaya mo yan!” Every person has his own ability where he’s really good at, we’re blessed to have really great ones but we don’t own it all.

5. We’re future scientists


Mostly, people would think we’re all scientist-wanna-bes because that’s the point of it all. Why would we even want to study in a Science High School in the first place, right? We’re branded for being science inclined individuals and I am not removing that title from all Science High Schools but many of the students aspire to become an artist, a businessman, a politician, a pilot, an engineer, a lawyer; that’s more than being a scientist because that’s what they love to do.

6. Entrance exam must’ve been really hard


7. You’ve been waiting too long for graduation


8. Science fairs, press conferences and quiz bees are your school’s kind of game


9. You probably met your best buddies for life


10. Everything was worth it




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