How do I even begin this? Honestly, I don’t have all the words in me to even describe what I’ve been going through right now. All I have is a hopeful imagined dream that’s slowly turning into dust. I was positively optimistic but I never thought believing in what I can do was never enough. What am I supposed to do when I always fail at something I’m expected to be good at? How am I going to be fine everytime I see myself at the edge of disappointing my parents? Sometimes I ask myself, was this the path I hoped for? Should I be choosing the one thing I was passionate about instead of pushing what I thought my parents wished for me? Because it was practical, because it would give much higher benefits, because they said it was the best for my future. If this is something that was meant for me, why am I crying?  I should be happy because I’m doing something I love, something I chose myself, something I have no one to blame but myself. I am so close to giving up.


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