Don’t fall in love with her
She carries loads and baggage of psychological emotions
She’s going to feel needy sometimes and you won’t like it
‘Cause that’s how vulnerable she is
She brings with her all the unnecessary issues of mankind
As she’s an overthinker, yes, she thinks a lot
She questions many things like science and religion
You wouldn’t want to deal with her curiosity
Because she’ll find answers and she’s going to ask you many times
She’s going to tell you how politics is a big fat joke
And the two of you will both argue
But not about you texting her late
Or seeing you like some other girl’s photo on facebook
You’re going to squabble how you’ll solve the alarming poverty in your country
How you’ll prevent what’s causing all these calamities
She’ll tell you all these things and you’re gonna laugh because you think she’s kidding
She reads books and writes fervently, it seems
That’s why you’re going to think she loves making up stories
She might be telling one about you someday
She’d rather stay up all night with a book than attend parties
Yes, she’s not a fan of worldly activities and you might be
So don’t fall in love with her



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