An Open Letter to the One Who’s Struggling

​Dear You-whos-striving-harder,

You’re probably wondering right now whatever happened in your life, what went wrong between those sleepless nights you were trying to understand a certain topic or a previous lesson in class, what made you think for one second that you weren’t good enough to pass, you wonder as time goes by whatever’s going on at the moment inside the four corners of your room, staring at the ceiling with burning eyes just waiting, waiting for a miracle, longing for better things life has to offer despite of having faced so many hitches these past few days. 

When all you ever think to yourself, “Was this the path I hoped for?”, “Am I better off disappointing people?”, “Will there ever be a chance for me to rise up again?”. It’s tough, I know. Perhaps, you cried a lot of tears already since yesterday and you still can’t accept the fact that you just failed one subject. You decided you were done with life because what’s good, you just keep on worsening and disappointing yourself. But then you remembered how giddy you were back in high school when you knew you got accepted in your college, you realized how close you are to fulfilling your dreams. All of a sudden you thought about what you’ve been telling your father when you were still a child, that you’re gonna be an Accountant; you’re going to live your purpose, your ambition.

Though it may seem that people can’t see you striving, not realizing how much effort you put in everything you do. You are passionate and always willing to learn. And they will even tell you how grades won’t define you. Now I’m telling you, it will; the only thing is you won’t let it. Even if people see so much greatness on students who get a passing grade even “1” and look down on students who get a failing grade. You won’t let them use it against you but I’m sure they’ll judge you for that. Some people always will. And my dear, never let that sink in. Take it as a wakeup call, maybe; that you were made for greater things. You’re going to make yourself and your parents proud because my dear, there’s so much potential in you; even if you fall short sometimes, even if you alone can’t see it. 

          From The-one-who-failed-many-times


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