Castle – Halsey 

​This year has been a very rough ride towards flawlessness. I couldn’t even perfectly describe how this year went through. With all the misfortunes and misadventures I’ve been, this year has been overwhelming. I failed in class, I lost a friend, I lost the chance to run for a position in an academic organization I was eyeing ever since I was in high school, I disappointed my parents and my professors who knew me for my father; everything was a mess. I overthink a lot, I miss sleep most of the time; I panic and lose myself in the process. I thought I was doing just fine but I wasn’t. Somebody told me I should have a journal. They didn’t know me well. 

On the other side, I was a little bit glad how I slowly recovered from my mishaps. I appreciate those people who has been consistent since day one, those people who stood up for me throughout my battle. They never needed to know what happened in detail but they were there, always. Even when others looked down on me, they were proud of me, they never doubted me. And so, maybe, my 2016 wasn’t bad at all. I thank God for blessing me a family and a circle of friends who adore and support me no matter what. They’re one of the many reasons that’s making me stay, making every single thing in life bearable. I just hope 2017 would be less offensive. Kidding. I’m still looking forward to what’s in store for me, to better things. 


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