My own kind of adventure

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Throughout my life, I’ve always belonged to a small group of friends consisting of three people and have had a best friend of my own separately. It was not difficult being friends with me but it was my choice to watchfully let people into my life. I thought maybe because it was hard to let them come inside my comfort zone. People, they had to break my walls. It wasn’t easy, not because I couldn’t let them but because I was terrified of them knowing me more.

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I thought having many friends was too much to put up with. But these people, they were all so surprising that I didn’t expect I could handle their tantrums, endless dramas, inside jokes and not to mention, their unique personalities that made them special.

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I’d like to say sorry. Sorry, for being the most childish in the group, for hurting you sometimes in any way possible may it be through the words I’ve said or actions I’ve done so carelessly, for mistakenly proving something that at times caused us chaos, for the times I wasn’t there for you when you needed me, for not being able to say the right words whenever you needed advice, and for all my shortcomings and mishaps as your friend.

I’m thanking you for staying by my side. Thank you, for being the bigger one and understanding my mood swings and bizarre needs and wants, for truly showing how you felt for me whenever I got sad or even depressed, for supporting me still and for choosing me as one of your best friends.

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I’m so happy that I hope you’d also value this friendship like I do. It’s heartbreaking saying goodbye to you because honestly you made my BSA Junior life bearable enough that I actually survived it. Know that whatever happens, I’ll always be here in spirit or even physically if time would still allow me. And If I’d repeat junior year, again and again, I’d still choose all of you. Now, there’s no need to look for “the one” when I’ve got five. I’m rooting for you guys and gals.


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