Currently 06

Listening: to Human Eyes by Clara Benin. So lately I’ve been listening to indie music though I’ve loved it even before it became mainstream. Yeah.

Doing: my JPIA duties lol. Hmmm, I’ve got a lot of tasks on my hand. More pubmats to go! #ABLAZE

Wanting: so much time. Pls do buy me some time. How do I even manage my time? Time. Time. Time.

Thinking: (1) about the post about our Alumni Homecoming that will happen next year!! Yes, it was funny. I don’t even know why it was funny. (2) of many things like would I mess up this year? Lord, please help me. I know I can’t do this without You.

Eating: Spaghetti!!! Huhu 🍝 At least, I did not skip a meal today!

Enjoying: the fact that I’m blogging about my 6th Currently!! I missed writing. This won’t even count as a blog! But if time would allow me, then I will! I’ll do it! So buy me some time pls!

Feeling: Frustrated. Terrified. Man, I’m being anxious for no reason.


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