Currently 06

Listening: to Human Eyes by Clara Benin. So lately I’ve been listening to indie music though I’ve loved it even before it became mainstream. Yeah.

Doing: my JPIA duties lol. Hmmm, I’ve got a lot of tasks on my hand. More pubmats to go! #ABLAZE

Wanting: so much time. Pls do buy me some time. How do I even manage my time? Time. Time. Time.

Thinking: (1) about the post about our Alumni Homecoming that will happen next year!! Yes, it was funny. I don’t even know why it was funny. (2) of many things like would I mess up this year? Lord, please help me. I know I can’t do this without You.

Eating: Spaghetti!!! Huhu 🍝 At least, I did not skip a meal today!

Enjoying: the fact that I’m blogging about my 6th Currently!! I missed writing. This won’t even count as a blog! But if time would allow me, then I will! I’ll do it! So buy me some time pls!

Feeling: Frustrated. Terrified. Man, I’m being anxious for no reason.


Currently 05

Watching: Ate Carol and Kuya Jay-R’s Wedding. It’s very simple but what matters now is the presence of their family and friends who brought them together here with Him.

Listening: to Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat’s Lucky. Ahhh 💕 I’m lucky I’m in love with my bestfriend…🎵

Reading: a fashion magazine and Kryz Uy’ blog thirstythought. Kryz’s one of the best bloggers who inspired me in so many ways especially in the field of fashion. Yay

Wanting: so many things for holiday season. I badly want to buy Taylor Swift’s 1989 album. Yep, I still don’t have a copy. It’s the only one lacking from my collection. Lol.

Thinking: (1) of when will I have my own happy ending and who will be my happily ever after. Just hopeless, not romantic. (Mayday!) (2) of how to start a blog post about a certain notification I got yesterday on facebook. Seems like I’m celebrating five years of friendship with someone who’s a stranger to me now. The only problem is that I just can’t seem to decipher all the words I want to say through one blog post. So…

Enjoying: my day here at Ibarra’s Garden. So cozy!

Feeling: Romantic eww kidding. I’m so in love right now. I miss the feeling.


Currently 04


Watching: Once Upon A Time and Game of Thrones (currently having a marathon of tv series because holidays’ coming)

Listening: to Purpose by Justin Bieber and Revival by Selena Gomez (errr)

Reading: Financial Accounting Part 2 (huhu)

Wanting: to buy a 2016 planner, get filed’s scribble planner to be specific. I’ve been a fan of their planners ever since I’ve known them.

Thinking: of (seriously) about the upcoming midterm departmental exams. So close to midterms when I thought I haven’t learned a thing yet.

Enjoying: the 2015 Quezon City Food Festival awhile ago at Maginhawa Street! My best friend and I ate at RBy’s Steak and Shake. So we had only an ample amount of time to eat that’s why we get to try only one restaurant at Maginhawa. Hoping to try other bistro places at Maginhawa some other time!

Feeling: Happy and Satisfied that I accomplished a life goal (lol)



Watching: the night sky, appreciating the street lights and the sheer amazingness of it all (wow) while on the road

Listening: to an audio book about law on obligations and contracts (seriously this is happening right now) for I have 20 more articles to memorize

Reading: posts of Berlin Art-parasites and The Artidote

Wanting: a new book to read, planning to buy a new one before 2015 ends

Thinking: about that one person I shouldn’t be thinking at all

Enjoying: this moment with my family because we’re going to celebrate my brother’s 13th birthday here in Laguna

Feeling: Happy as I can be but feeling disappointed at the same time because my parents don’t realize how sentimental I was about things (ugh, this is a different story but let’s just focus on my brother’s birthday so I won’t be selfish again)



Watching: (going to watch) Once Upon A Time Season 1 (like I have plenty of time to do things, school’s been bumming me out)
Listening: to Adele’s new album, 25! You can’t spell heartache without ‘Adele’ who am I kidding you know I’m right
Reading: Colleen Hoover’s November 9
Wanting: Peace of mind
Thinking: how to get started with all these backlogs from school
Enjoying: my caramel michiato frappe err
Feeling: Exhausted


2015-11-19 08.15.55 1.jpg

Watching: Re-watching, actually, How I Met Your Mother Season 7 Episode 11. Yep! This is what makes a person who can’t wait for the next episode of the tv series she’s curently watching (that’s How To Get Away With Murder) just so you know. 🙂

Listening: Badlands Album of Halsey!! and “Castle’ has been going through my head for the past few weeks.

Reading: Law on Obligations and Contracts. I’m crying in Spanish.

Wanting: the Harry Potter Boxed Set I just saw at National Bookstore yesterday! Hey! I’ve been wanting to have a copy of one of my favorite book series. Remind me of my childhood please.

Thinking: of anything acad-related stuff. Nalolawka na acco. IT’S KILLING THE HELL OUT OF ME

Enjoying: blogging my first Currently 😉

Feeling: Stressed and Depressed.