Pessimistic Optimist Turned 18


So I turned 18 today (November 22)! Funny how I planned not to celebrate this day just because other girls find turning eighteen as a more special event on their birthday lives than any other birthdays and I just want to do exactly the opposite; to not celebrate it.

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I actually already felt that no one would spend their time and efforts on me but I am very grateful to have friends that stick with me all the time. Thanks for making my day an extraordinary one.


I am one hell of a lucky gal to have my high school friends remain by my side [like always]


Thank you, Jehiel, for spending this day with me. You’re one of my best boy friends (literally a boy friend and not a significant other, if you know what I mean) whom I never got awkward with. Hahaha and you’re also one of the sweetest! So there, I’ve got only few loyal friends now, thanks for being one.

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Espren! Thank you so much! I know you’re pretty busy today just like Jehiel, Genali and Ejay but thank you because even though you had already planned more important things to do, you still managed to visit me. We only get once a year to see each other now and this means a lot. More bonding time in the near future! I only wish 5 to 10 years from now, we’ve both fulfilled our heart’s desires; you being a Doctor and me being a Lawyer. Thank you, as always, for all your efforts ever since.


Genali, thank youuuu. Of all people, I was not expecting you would be doing such for me. I am so happy and know that I missed you. I know you have trust issues (ejay might’ve mentioned that back then) but should you know that you can trust me because I will always be a friend. Thank you for this day.


And lastly, Ejayyyyyy. I know you’re the one behind these surprises since you’re just the best person who could pull things like these. You’ve seen me through the good and the bad times. I’m so glad because you were always there for me, you didn’t make me feel unwanted and thanks for getting along with my immaturity and issues for almost six years. Just so you know, you made my day.

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Left to right: Genali, Ejay, Jehiel, Mel

This day was a blast. Thank you, God!